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About Us

We are on the cutting edge of digital monetization

Social Insomnia was started in 2017 by co-founders Talia Witkowski and Nick Morgan, who together have a combined experience of working with over 70,000 influencers and 250,000 social accounts over a 3-year period.

Both co-founders knew that substantial potential income slipped through the cracks daily for their clients because they had no way to capture income generated through online engagement across all platforms. Due to the co-founder’s shared passion for maximizing their client’s potential online income, they joined forces and created Social Insomnia – a revolutionary brand spanking new monetization platform usable by any sized influencer, to monetize engagement on any platform.

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What Clients Say

I know this tool says it is just a monetization tool, but it is so much more. Not only do I have one ap where I can upload my content and post to all of my social platforms from, but I can make my content public to get free exposure for my brand across the platforms of other users on this app. I am a die hard social insomniac!
Eric B. – New York
I had no idea how easy it would be to make money off of my social media content. I was told it would be as easy as setting up a Facebook page and they were right – easier in fact! Thanks to the creators of this platform – brilliant!
Protection App – Los Angeles, USA
I am a YouTube Influencer of 5 years – I had no idea there was a way to make money off of other platform traffic as well – boy have we been missing out – not only that but we can get the brands that endorse us to advertise directly on our pages and set our own CPMs! I love this platform! I wish I had thought of it!
John H. - Munich, Germany