What Is Social Insomnia?

Social insomnia is a web-platform that allows you to make and share monetizable content on your personal social media or select from a pre-populated library of content that might interest your following. This lets you deliver content to your fans that earns you a portion of the advertisement revenue from each view. Our unique system completely customizes itself to your brand so as to prevent drop-off. Click the link below to view our web-demo for more information.

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For Influencers And Individuals:

Whether you are an Influencer or an individual interested in making money through your social media engagement, Social Insomnia is for you. Social Insomnia customizes a monetizeable page for your content, allowing you to easily make money from your following. Through our technology, you’ll get access to the accumulative effect of sharing a higher RPM against our overall member-base. Through our software you can repurpose premade content from our library, allowing you to simply start sharing great articles to your audience straight away. Alternatively you can publish your articles to this public library, so that anyone using our platform can share your articles to their following. Start your journey with Social Insomnia today for free!

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Digital Advertising for Brands:

Rather than spending your quarterly advertisement budget with conventional digital advertising, Social Insomnia allows brands more direct access to an influencer’s engaged audience. Traditional advertisement allows brands to access lists of grouped tailored audiences which might not have high engagement. However advertising with Social Insomnia guarantees that your advertisement will target only engaged audiences. These audiences stem from our many high engaging clients that divert their traffic to Social Insomnia, where your advertisement will display. As an advertiser you’ll already know that engaged audiences always equal higher conversions, so why not start your campaign the right way, through Social Insomnia.

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Our easy to use dashboard walks you through the customization process, providing you a completely personalized webpage, with your own URL, design and content!


By posting on your customized, personalized monetization blog page instead of directly on your social media, for a suggested 30% of your content, you will finally be able to make money off of views across all social media platforms.


Through Social Insomnia’s proprietary software, we provide you with the best ads for your brand and content, so as to make money off of every piece of content you desire to share on your social media.


Social Insomnia makes posting across all of your personal social media platforms easy and fun, with just one click! Create your content, post and make money! Boost or promote a post for additional income potential!


Through our customized ad models, we continue to increase the monetization potential of your page. As you grow your presence on our platform, always seeking out the best and most profitable ad partners for your brand!


Share your personal content or select from a proprietary library of content to share on your social media platforms – share your content publically to be approved for entry into our public library where like influencers can share your content with their followers and fans, for free!


Our Clients

Our clients range from musicians, to artists, comedians, to mommy bloggers, entrepreneurs, Instagram “lifestylers,” spiritual leaders and influencers, brands, non-profits and humanitarian organizations. Join our family today and become a social insomniac.

Sample Our Platform

Forever 27

What do these incredible musicians have in common? They are all members of the infamous “27 club.” Unlike other exclusive clubs, this isn’t one you…

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